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        Bouncers in Chennai
Bouncers in Chennai
MATRIMAN provides high quality bouncers for many events such as night clubs, ipl like events, parties, apartments, etc. They are well built and cater to all requirements. They are also strong enough to handle any tense situation devoid of any circumstances. Also they are very agile ,young ,talented and aged less than 28 years. We are providing total security under expert and active management . Well trained, disciplined and skilful in providing total security to the satisfaction of our clients. Please contact us for more details.9884436365/044-42820630
The principal function of a bouncer is the security of the building. The bouncer is in charge of guarding the lobby and screening all visitors, workmen, deliverymen, etc. they are to be polite and alert at all times. The manner in which visitors are received establishes their first impression of a building. Employees therefore should be especially neat, courteous and in proper uniforms at all times.
Responsibilities of a bouncer
Crowd Control
The bouncer at nightclubs is usually required to maintain the crowd level under a certain room capacity. The doorman may use hand counters to keep track of people entering and leaving a building. Moreover, the nightclub doorman is usually responsible for controlling unruly patrons or breaking up fights along with bouncers, unless the doorman is also the bouncer. They often round up guests at closing time and escort them out before locking the door.
Handling Problems and Errands
A bouncer may perform duties that are not typically in his job description. At times, they may need to assist a guest or resident, who has an injury or medical problem, if no one else is around. The doorman will then notify the manager and stay with the guest until the doctor or life squad arrives. The doorman also may find himself answering guests questions or running an errand for the guest like picking up a prescription at the drugstore.
VIPs safety
The bouncers are even used to provide security and assist VIPs to the stage or gallery without crowd interference. They are escorted safely to the respective podiums with maximum safety. They also round up guest and escort them out when the programs get over.
VIPs family safety
The bouncers also ensure the safety of the family members and escort them to where ever they go, protecting them from attacks, mobs, crowds, paparazis etc; they totally ensure the safety of the members with maximum protection
VIPs food
The bouncers also ensure the safety of the food being served to the VIPs; they also overlook the cooking and other ad joint process, menu, etc. In fact they overlook all aspect of protection.
Duties of a doorman
Opening Doors
The duties of a doorman almost always include opening doors as guests or residents arrive or depart the hotel or apartment. The doorman may also have gates to open or intercoms to answer as guests arrive. The doorman must also be friendly and smile as he greets people, which contributes positively on the guests or residents overall experience.
Carrying Bags
The doorman is often required to walk out to a taxicab or limousine and offer to carry persons bags inside the hotel or residence. At luxury hotels, the doorman may wait for the guest to check in, and then transport his luggage on a portable dolly cart to his room. Once there, the doorman will usually remove the luggage from the dolly and ask the guest if he needs anything else.
Receiving Packages
The duties of a doorman often entail receiving packages from overnight carriers. The doorman may then hold the package at the front desk, or deliver it to the persons room himself. Sometimes, guests may also need packages mailed and, in turn, pay a doorman to obtain the necessary items in which to send the package. The doorman may then call the overnight carrier and arrange for the package to be picked up