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Punjabi Bhangra Dance Group
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Bhangra dance came from the Punjab province and began as a folk dance performed by farmers as an expression of carnival. Punjabis performed Bhangra to celebrate the sucess of the harvest. People perform Bhangra on the day of Baisakhi, April 13. Bhangra is considered the king of dances. At celebrations, parties, and marriages, it is common to see the men break out in Bhangra. The outfit of a Bhangra performer is bright and colorful. It consists of ghunghroos on the ankles, a black and blue waistcoat with a long tunic, a lacha or lungi, and a bright colored Patka of the same color. Some dancers also wear small rings (nuntian) in their ears.Bhangra music is based largely on the percussion instruments with several different instruments playing a role in the sound.
The most essential instrument is the dhol drum but Bhangra also features an assortment of string and other drum instruments. During the last few decades, Bhangra music has enjoyed a rise in popularity universal, both in traditional form and as a mixture with genres such as hip-hop, house, and reggae.Bhangra lyrics, which are always sung in Punjabi, generally cover social issues such as love, relationships, dancing, and marriage. There are also many Bhangra songs dedicated to Punjabi pride themes and Punjabi heroes.