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 Videos - Adding and Viewing Videos

  1. How can I add a video to my profile?

  2. What do I need to record my video?

  3. What do I need to view videos on

  4. What are the guidelines for posting a video?

  5. Are there any special tips to make me appear good in my video?

  6. What technical points should I bear in mind for my video?

  7. Is it secure to include a video along with my profile?

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  1. can I add a video to my profile?
    Adding a video to your profile is a simple 2-step process:

    Step 1:Reach us your video by either uploading your video file directly or mailing
    your video CD to our postal address.

    Step 2:Select the display option for the video.

    Once we receive your video, the same will be screened and optimised. This process generally
    takes 24 hours, after which your video will be visible,based on your display option.

    For more information on adding your video, click here.
    Also, check out our Video Club - members who have included video in their profile.

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  2. What do I need to record my video?
    There are various ways to record your video:

    1. Webcam
    Buy or use an existing webcam connected to your computer and use the accompanying
    software to record your video. You must have:
    PC based web camera with microphone.

    Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Macintosh or Linux

    At least 32M RAM

    Connection to the Internet

    2. Digital Picture Camera
    Many digitals cameras can take up to a 30 second video clip. Use this to record your
    video and then download it onto your computer using the software and connections that
    came with your camera. Save it to your files and then upload it onto your profile.

    3. Digital Video Cameras / Camcorders
    Most digital cameras will connect to your PC so you should be able to extract the 30 to 60
    footage for your video from the tape onto your computer. Save and upload it
    onto your profile.

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  3. What do I need to view videos on
    You will need Macromedia Flash 6 Plug-in or above, speakers / headphones and
    Internet connectivity.

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  4. What are the guidelines for posting a video?
    We may reject videos that contain any of the following:
    Obscene or offensive content.
    Any contact information such as telephone numbers, email ID, postal address, etc.
    Commercial content.

    We strive to provide you with a safe and easy environment and reserve the right to
    reject any video at our discretion.

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  5. Are there any special tips to make me appear good in my video?
    Some of the most important things that you can keep in mind are:
    Make sure that there's enough light when you record your video.
    For best effect, do use a microphone and record your voice too.
    Think about something interesting to say about yourself before recording your video.
    Just be your natural self and let your real personality shine through.
    Your profile may also feature your room, house, pets, family, friends etc to let the members
    know you better before they meet you.

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  6. What technical points should I bear in mind for my video?
    Remember that:
    Your video file should be in any of the following formats:

    - Quick Time Movie (.MOV)
    - Video for Windows (.AVI)
    - MPEG Movie (.MPG, .MPEG)
    - Digital Video (.DV, .DVI)
    - Windows Media ( .WMV)
    Maximum duration of your video is 2 mins.
    Your video file size cannot exceed 50MB.

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  7. Is it secure to include a video along with my profile?
    Yes. We ensure that you have complete control over your privacy.
    All your videos are watermarked, coded and cannot be downloaded.
    You can display your video only to members you are interested in.

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 Videos - Adding and Viewing Videos
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