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        Chenda melam-Singari melam
Chenda melam-Singari melam
Sinkari melam in chennai
Chenda melam in chennai

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We have 25 years of experience in Chenda melam, Singari melam Panchari melam and Elanjithara melam. We are performing in lot of VIP marriages.

We are affordable, relaiable and trusted team. We have participated in so many festivals like Onam, kumbaabishagam and Political Function in all over India. We have 24 members of energetic team that includes handsome men and beautiful women. Shingari melam also available. If you are interested Please contact us on 9884436365 and book in advance to avoid any disappointments. Fix your date quickly

About Chenda Melam

Chenda melam is a cylindrical percussion instrument used widely in the Kerala and Karnataka state in india. The Chenda melam is cylindrical wooden drum and a lenth of 2 feet of a diameter of 1 foot. Both ends are covered. The Chenda melam using the two stricks the upper parchment this instrument is famous for its loud and rigid sound.

Chenda melam is mainly played in Hindu temple festivals. Chenda malam used as an kathakali, Kodiyattam etc.

Chenda melam is most popular in Kerela and is more than 300 years old.Chenda melam is an integral part of all festivals in Kerela.Chenda Melam is a origin of Pandy Melam (panchari). Chenda melam can produce multiple vadhyas and range magnificent sound. These are 7 types - melangal viz panchari, champa, chempada, adantha, anchadatha, druvam and pandy. The earlier 6 melams are called chempada melangal and two more melams are Navam and Kalpam

To book Chena Melam Please call us on 9884436365